Mindmap of Wikipedia

People like you and me

Love learning and discovery


Whole Researches

Focus on maps!

Make sense of whole subjects
in the blink of an eye.
Bookmark dozens of articles at a time.


the map of Human Knowledge

A portable knowledge graph
benchmarked against Google
to engage in visual learning.

Map your discoveries

Visual and Textual layout

Go visual
to overview a subject...

... or read through the "metro line"
to learn how things are connected:
just more than serendipity!


Articles and Videos

Pull Wikipedia articles and Youtube videos
on top of your maps:
learn though content
while keeping track
of how things are connected.


at what catches you

Driven by your own curiosity?
Can you find it, if you can't name it?
Do you know the secrets of your city?

Find meaningful answers for each of 5+ Millions topics known by mankind.

Save your References

Atlas of knowledge

Maps are to orient yourself while learning:
save them in your personal Atlas and Recall everything in no time flat!


your Atlas of Knowledge Maps

Create maps
about anything that triggers your imagination.
Share your discoveries with the world.