The Mind-map of Wikipedia.
In your Hand.

LearnDiscovery is the Reference, EducationMobile App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Visualize the #mindmap of English #Wikipedia: make sense of every topic, in no time flat.

Turn studies, factual news and things you still don’t know into easily comprehensible visual maps, to instantly recall at hand.

From music to mathematics; From sexuality to human rights; from the secrets of a place to the history of towns and Countries, learn and show what facts, history, sciences, arts, music, sports and persons are about, in the blink of an eye.



knowledge maps about you care.

Learn Discovery applies the discovery engine to the English Wikipedia. Search one of the 4 Million topics indexed from the Wikipedia, and learn in seconds out of relationships full of meaning.

Learn about the Art of Vincent Van Gogh
Learn about Genetics and DNA
Learn about Rock Music and Jimi Hendrix
Learn about Geology and Vulcanoes
Learn about Trance Music and Armin Van Buuren
Learn about Economics and International Economics
Learn about the Art
of Vincent Van Gogh
Learn about Genetics
and DNA
Learn about Rock Music
and Jimi Hendrix
Learn about Geology
and Vulcanoes
Learn about Trance Music
and Armin Van Buuren
Learn about Economics
and International Economics


your location and why it is known in the world.

Discover the secrets of cities, squares, building, museums, and other trivia you are curious about while travelling.

Atlas of Saved Maps


your discoveries with your favourite layout.

Map to summarize knowledge paths

For all 4 Million articles, relationships are ordered, so that getting a knowledge map about a topic in an easy and straigh-forward visualization.

American Indian War

Atlas of Saved MapsOverview your discovery and learn immediately what an argument is about.


Map to summarize knowledge paths Summarize your discovery within a synopsys of logical connections between the first and last topic.

Wiki Article about Tecumseh's Confederacy

Atlas of Saved Maps Double-Tap on a topic to access its content and media. Learn Discovery indexes the Wikipedia articles.

Youtube Videos about Tecumseh's Confederacy

Atlas of Saved MapsDouble-Tap on a topic to access its content and media. Learn Discovery pulls Youtube videos.

Atlas of Saved Maps


and collects maps in your personal Atlas.

Knowledge Maps are meaningful to orient yourself in the "learning-scape" and discover what you need, just like geographical ones guide you across landscape.

American Indian War
Share Maps on Social Networks


your maps on Social Networks.

You can share your maps on your Facebook and Twitter account. You can also contribute to the Atlas of Human knowledge, a collection of selected maps publicly available.
If you are working to improve access to education, please take action and get to know us: we will help you to bring the maps even off-line.

A Map Shared on Twitter and Facebook

TwitterFacebookA Map about Moldavian cultural, shared on your Facebook or Twitter account.

A Map Shared on Twitter

The Atlas of Human KnowledgeThe "Atlas of Human Knowledge" web project collects a selection of saved maps @ XDiscovery website.

Discover the Map of Human Knowledge.

The power of knowledge is portable XD.

Customer Reviews

5/ 5 stars Here some comments!
Chock full of beautiful knowledge
5 of 5 stars

Easy to navigate and impressively visual. What a fun way to research and explore connections between new topics. I am truly excited about this app and will be returning to it often. This is the best kind of addiction. ;)

Surf Through Vast Info Quickly
5 of 5 stars

Great App; simple, pretty and easy to use. For teachers and students alike. Am learning so much using this and can't seem to put it down! So much fun!

The Best Educational App - Promoting the Pure Joy of Learning and Discovery!
5 of 5 stars

This is a stunningly beautiful app! It's design is fresh and it is Intuitive to use. And so powerful! It allows you to navigate through massive amounts of encyclopaedic knowledge quickly, and discover information in a very easy and fun way. The mind maps which you create along the way provide an excellent overview for new topics and discover new aspects of an area which you already may know about it. It is really fun to use! The added map feature is also looks like a great tool for travel, as it sets information about monuments and landmarks to your location or a place you would like to travel to just a click away. As an educator, I am so excited to use this app in the classroom, to help prepare my lessons and to help my students study or research a topic in more depth. It promotes the sheer joy of learning in any area - sciences, the arts, current events, history - anywhere your curiosity brings you! It truly makes learning entertaining. I recommend this to everyone!

Visually appealing and very Functional design!
5 of 5 stars

From exploring Danish Architecture to Canadian history, I found myself wanting to explore more and more through the webs and branches this app creates. This is the easiest way to use Wikipedia and to start understanding the connections between everything in our complex world. This app is useful for all learners and knowledge seekers, and it will only get better!

Easy to use and hard to put down
5 of 5 stars

The learn discovery app is very user friendly with great styling and once you start creating maps you can't stop. The interactive spurs are a great way to expand your knowledge of any topic, but be careful, with it's ever expanding strands you may lose track of time!

Great idea for kids and adults alike who enjoy having fun while learning.

Amazing tool for learning!
5 of 5 stars

My friend recommended this to me and I have just spent the last few hours discovering things I didn't even know were connected. I'll be recommending this to all of my students!

5 of 5 stars

That's amazing. What's surprised me most is that, after practicing a bit, you enter an entirely new learning paradigm! If you learn thru a book you are somehow forced to be sequential by the media in itself, morever you can't see as a whole the entire picture and so on. This is not happening if you are learning by surfing the Wiki with this app a butterfly your mind goes from one flower to another and on a tip of a green grass slowly swinging .... never learning was so entertaining. Try it and may be you too will become eager to share your surprise.

Amazing app for discovering
5 of 5 stars

I found this app today and can't stop exploring with it. I can find out about everything with this and don't want to put it down. It is awesome!

It's great!
5 of 5 stars

It's a great tool to learn something new! Everyone should download it.

Surf visually
5 of 5 stars

This app helps you to explore the content of Wikipedia (and potentially other information spaces) by visualizing the reference structure (links to other entries) using images. The context around a search term unfolds under you finger taps into a growing, zoomable network, which can be stored and shared. The design is clear, and uncluttered, and the selection of what to present is smart. Great for a first exploration!

5 of 5 stars

I believe this platform would be excellent for a person to explore their topics of interest.